Protect What's Yours

Protect What's Yours

Get personal insurance in Whitefield & Augusta, ME by contacting The Insurance Source of Maine

You want to protect the things you have in case of emergencies. That's why The Insurance Source of Maine offers personal insurance options in Whitefield & Augusta, ME. You'll get a personalized experience when you work with our local agent. You can tell us what you need to be covered, and we'll provide coverage options based on your needs. We can even write insurance for unique situations.

Maybe you're concerned about getting auto insurance due to your less-than-perfect driving record. Our agent will help you secure the coverage you need. If you have a pristine record, we'll help you get the top discounts available. Find out more about personal insurance now by calling 877-220-1985.

Choose from a variety of coverage options

Every situation is different. You may need insurance for your motorcycle, while someone else might need insurance for their art collection. You can find all of the coverage options you need when you work with us. We'll help you find:

Auto insurance
Home insurance
Boat insurance
Motorcycle insurance
ATV insurance
Snowmobile insurance
Collector vehicle insurance
Builder's risk insurance
Art collection insurance
Jewelry collection insurance
Umbrella insurance

Meet with a trusted insurance agent from The Insurance Source of Maine in Whitefield & Augusta, ME today. Serving the entire state of Maine.